Black & white image of family of six in early 20th century
Image source: One Fam blog

By popular demand, the State Library’s Digital Access & Family History team is offering Victorian public library staff another opportunity to participate in its Branching Out training program.

Branching out is an online four-week course for Victorian public library staff that introduces the basic principles of family history research and looks at the key resources available for researching Victorian family history. Short activities and case studies offer hands-on research scenarios to explore, and we provide support and interaction in a friendly forum environment.

The course is self paced and each week a new module is released.

Dates: 21 February – 20 March (4 week online course – self paced)

Time commitment: 2-3 hours per week

Bookings :

Bookings close on the 18th of February, so get in quick!

2 thoughts on “Branching out : an introduction to Victorian family history (free online course)

  1. Hi there

    I don’t suppose you’ll be running this course again will you? I saw it too late… 🙁

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for your interest in the Branching Out course. It is run periodically by State Library Victoria. Watch this space for advice on when the course might run again.
      You might also be interested in looking at the University of Tasmania’s diploma in family history.

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