At Transgender Victoria, we offer industry leading training on trans and gender diverse and LGBTIQA+ inclusion and service provision, available online or in-person. Our training is available onsite across Victoria, with no extra fees for those organisations seeking training outside of Metro Melbourne/Naarm.

Our team has lived expertise and are experienced trainers who can equip your organisation, business, or service with the skills to better support the needs of trans and gender diverse and LGBTQIA+ people.

In our standard LGBTQIA+ training offering we include…

* Why inclusion matters for everyone

* LGBTQIA+ language and terminology – how gender, sexuality and gender expression interact with each other (and a guide on how to explain this to others)

* Lived experiences and knowledge from our LGBTQIA+ training facilitators on LGBTQIA+ history and what stigma and discrimination looks like for us

* Actions organisations and individuals can take to be more LGBTQIA+ inclusive

We include interactive activities and discussion points throughout for participants to really engage with the content in a safe, positive learning environment curated by our trainers that can be tailored and customised as needed.

Feel free to reach out to the Training Coordinator, Nicole Nguyen, at for further enquiries or bookings and read more about our options at

PLV Trivia: the most southerly library in Victoria is Apollo Bay.

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