Public Libraries Victoria is proud to work with the following organisations:

Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA)


Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) is the peak body for public libraries in Australia. This organisation represents 94% of the 1500 public libraries in the country. Like Public Libraries Victoria, APLA unites libraries to share best practice and advocate for library services nationally.

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)


The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) brings the libraries of the world together. For over 90 years, IFLA has been the global voice of libraries, representing the shared interests of library services and the people who use them. Public Libraries Victoria is an active member of IFLA, benefitting from international best practice.

Local Government Victoria

Local Government Victoria (LGV) is responsible for managing public library policy, funding and benchmarking under the leadership of the Minister for Local Government.

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) represents the 79 councils of Victoria. MAV and PLV work together to identify opportunities for libraries to save time and money by coordinating their efforts.

State Library Victoria

State Library Victoria (SLV) and PLV work collaboratively to find new ways of providing excellent library services for all Victorians. Together, SLV and PLV are delivering a three-year program that includes advocacy, literacy and reading projects and professional development opportunities.