How can I help people who are blind or have low vision by raising a Seeing Eye Dogs puppy?

Become a puppy carer and help a puppy grow into a life-changing Seeing Eye Dog who will bring independence to an Australian who is blind or has low vision!

Seeing Eye Dogs are matched with people who are blind or have low vision across Australia. They are matched with our clients from age 14 to over 80 to help them live the lives they choose whether that’s going to school, participating in social activities with friends, working, travelling, or enjoying retirement.

Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs are looking for volunteers in parts of Victoria including Greater Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Macedon Ranges, Bendigo and Ballarat regions and surrounding areas to raise future Seeing Eye Dogs.

Our puppies are raised in loving volunteer homes until they are ready to enter formal training and learn the skills they need to guide. The job of a puppy carer is essential to help them to grow into happy healthy dogs who will hopefully go on to be working Seeing Eye Dogs.

‘We know the pups are only with us for a while, and while we shower them with love and affection, we also hope that they will grow up to help others. Dogs are simply amazing, and knowing I could be playing a part in someone receiving their independence back, personally makes me want to raise more pups in the future.” – Jess, puppy carer since 2021.

In this wonderful program, volunteer care for puppies between 8 weeks to 12 months of age for 6 or 12 months Puppies make great reading companions, and many have been raised in offices, in schools, and in a range of workplaces where they learn to settle nicely. A Seeing Eye Dogs staff member will support you and guide you throughout the whole program.

All training is provided and costs including food, equipment and medical expenses are covered. All sorts of people can get involved from students, families and retirees. Whether you live in an apartment or a rural property or have pets already if you’re keen to help we’d love to hear from you!

‘The joy and happiness each dog brings us is so rewarding. Of course, there is the sadness when it comes time to part for their advanced training, then you continue with another puppy. The friends I have met along the way are so amazing and each has guided me along the way.” – Sharon, puppy carer since 2014.

If you would like to raise a puppy yourself or if you can help spread the word in your library or local area, please head to our website at or email our team at

We can provide you with hard copy or digital materials – like this Carer Volunteer flier, which you can print out whenever you’d like – to hand out and/or display at your library.

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