Hello PLV Members,

PLV is organising a small project to declutter the Special Interest Group home pages in the PLV Member Portal. This involves removing all minutes and agendas and recreating them as posts. This means that if you are subscribed to a SIG then you will receive a one-off digest of all the minutes and agendas. Feel free to ignore (though happy for you to read through all the activity for your SIG!). Not all SIGs will require this but just wanting to let you know so we don’t cause any confusion.

SIG convenors will be able to create posts going forward, which will free up space and make the SIG pages more dynamic.

You are welcome to subscribe to any or all SIGs to receive information. If you want to attend the SIG meetings as a formal member, please seek approval from your manager and let the convenor know when you join.

To manage your subscriptions and see which SIGs you are subscribed to, you can navigate to your profile in the PLV Member Portal (top right) and scroll to the bottom to see the SIG Groups View. Ticking or unticking will update your subscriptions – remember to hit Update User to save your changes!

If you have any queries please contact admin@plv.org.au

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