Human Rights Week starts today Friday 3 Dec and continues until Friday 10 December 2021. This year’s theme for Human Rights Week – ‘Make rights real’ – encourages all Victorians to engage in activities and start and continue conversations about human rights.

Over the course of the week, each participating Human Rights Commissioner will promote action on a particular topic. See this Human Rights Week – Information sheet for details on the week of action. You can sign up for the week of action by pledging to make rights real here and will receive daily updates about a range of topics from each Commissioner.

Commissioner for Senior Victorians, Gerard Mansour, will focus during Human Rights Week on ageism. Age is a protected characteristic under Victoria’s Equal Opportunity Act. While ageism and age-based discrimination affects everyone, it’s often not well known or understood.

Commissioner Mansour is inviting Victorians, including library staff and patrons, to participate on an action on ageism on Thurs 9 Dec 2o21 by joining in a selfie photo challenge on social media designed to challenge assumptions about age. See here for the Ageism Action Instructions. There’s also a sign you can personalise to accompany your photo.


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