ePLV is hosting an online webinar on e-Magazines and e-Newspapers on Wednesday 6th March, from 2.00-4.30pm.

This webinar is for all PLV library staff with an interest in and/or responsibility for online resources.  It aims to get you the information you need to make decisions on subscriptions for the next financial year but will be run a bit differently than previous events.

The webinar will include short discussions between library staff attending, about the products themselves.  This should help you to refine question for the vendors when they enter the event and present. The vendors will NOT be present during these discussions. Even if you already subscribe to any or all of these products, we invite you to attend, to contribute to these discussions and potentially learn some things that you didn’t know about these products.

In this webinar, the participating vendors are Bezi (Newsbank), Overdrive (Libby) and Bolinda (Borrowbox). They will be paying a sponsorship fee to participate.

The schedule will be:

  • 2.00pm           Discussion between library staff – focus on Newsbank
  • 2.30pm           Newsbank presents: 15 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions
  • 3.00pm           More discussion between library staff – focus on Borrowbox and Libby
  • 3.30pm           Libby presents: 15 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions
  • 4.00pm           Borrowbox presents: 15 minutes presentation, 15 minutes for questions

The event is scheduled to finish at 4.30pm, but if people wish to continue the discussion, we can extend as needed.

If you are interested in attending, please email michelle.mclean@plv.org.au and I will add you to the calendar invitation. The webinar will be on Zoom.

NOTE: We did invite other emagazine/enewspaper vendors to participate, but they either declined or did not respond.

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