‘Dèscript’ is a body of work celebrating social connection through vintage texts and paint, consisting of 50 small paintings on vintage book covers, three of which are Braille novels. Each painting is paired with a personal story from everyday people including migrants, scientists, a funeral director, a DJ, a plumber, an activist, a paramedic and a life model.

Artist Jennifer Fyfe uses the ‘alla prima’ painting technique to express Australia ‘in the moment’: works are created from live subjects within a 2.5 – 3.5 hour session.

Jennifer would very much like to find a home for the Dèscript exhibition in a library or book-focused setting for 2024 – see her detailed Library Exhibition Proposal.

As part of the exhibition experience, Jennifer can demonstrate a live portrait painting session with a local sitter, on a book significant to the local area, perhaps in conjunction with a local author’s book/poetry reading.

You can also read more about Dèscript and Jennifer and see some of the portraits and stories.

And Jennifer’s notes on alla prima telling an Australian story make for fascinating reading.


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