[Posted on behalf of Sara Davidsson, CAVAL]

A national collaboration is underway to develop a set of guidelines for description of First Nations material to guide the work of librarians, archivists, and all others involved in item description of First Nations material across the LIS and publishing sectors, as well as vendors involved in collection description activities in Australia.

To enable the project team to provide a sector-wide picture of current practice in First Nations collection description, we would appreciate your help in completing a brief survey.

We ask that each organisation collaborates internally to provide one response. For LIS educators, we are seeking information from the perspective of what resources you might use or reference as part of your teaching when you cover descriptions of First Nations material.

The survey will remain open until 4 February 2023. Please access it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FNCDsurvey

In case you want to consult with colleagues around the survey off-screen, a PDF of the survey is available here.

If you have any queries about the project, please contact Sara or Kathleen (below)

Working Party 

Sara Davidsson (CAVAL) Co-Lead sara.davidsson@caval.edu.au
Kathleen Smeaton (CAUL) – Co-Lead k.smeaton@library.uq.edu.au
Anthony McLaughlin (AIATSIS)
Michela Goodwin (National Library of Australia / NSLA)
Nicole Hunt (ACORD / QPLA)
Phoebe Weston-Evans (ALIA)

Advisory group:

Alissa McCulloch (ACORD)
Lilly Hoi Sze Ho (Library & Archives NT)
Catherine Johnston (Library & Archives NT)
Robert Deininger (State Library of New South Wales)
Barbara Lemon (NSLA)
Kate Davis (CAUL)
Trish Hepworth (ALIA)

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