Social Seniors

The Social Seniors program is designed to build on the existing technology skills of people aged 60 and over. The goal? Older people who integrate online experiences into their real-world lives and thrive.

Through a series of practical, hands-on weekly workshops, the participants learn how digital tools can help them to explore new interests, meet new people and stay connected while addressing concerns about online safety and privacy.

The program is designed to address the gap in older people who don’t have the skills or confidence to participate online. Our learn-by-doing approach and inclusion of mentors who are peers to the participants help our Social Seniors to become digital natives.

Social Seniors helps participants:

  • Connect and share information on common interests;
  • Participate regularly in community groups and activities using social media platforms;
  • Embed the use of digital technology into their everyday lives;
  • Find new opportunities for active pursuits and social activities in their local area;
  • Learn about online privacy and security; and
  • Build confidence to use online channels such as banking, paying bills and accessing local services.

The roll-out of the Social Seniors program in Victoria is supported by Telstra, the Department of Health and Human Services and Public Libraries Victoria.

Telstra Department of Health and Human Services - Seniors Card