Helpful links for the LLV to LADD Project

LLV – LibraryLink Victoria

LADD – Libraries Australia Document Delivery

LLV2 – the new OCLC offering for some PLV libraries (paid subscription)

Reminder: The LLV ZPORTAL will not be available for requesting after 30 June. Libraries can provide access to patrons for another 90 days so they can access request information if they feel that is required. Library staff will have access the LLV for 90 days to manage the last of the requests but NO new requests should be added after 30 June. Libraries must use LADD for all requesting from 1 July.

All PLV libraries will be ‘connected’ via LADD. Some PLV libraries have chosen to use LLV2 but you will still use LADD to request/supply for these libraries.

Note: Libraries Australia is updating their website during June/July – there may be some changes to the look and possibly navigation. The LADD software will not change.

Timing for the training recording – as per the Course Outline

1. Introduction (0:00 – 23:40)
2. Requesting (23:40 – 36:55)
3. Managing requests (37:50 – 47:09)
4. Actioning requests (47:09 – 51:58)
5. Customisation (51:59 – 1:08)