Two people in jeans and pale coloured sweaters share tea at a table. The man's hair is in a bun and a laptop is open on the table before him. The woman wears glasses and a broad smile and holds a white teacup..Applications are now open for people with a lived experience of loneliness to join the Ending Loneliness Together Lived Experience and Advisory Panel (LEAP) in 2022.

To ensure the lived experience of people living with loneliness is considered in loneliness research design, findings, resources, and policy, Ending Loneliness Together is seeking the unique values, experiences, and perspectives of people living with loneliness of all ages to inform how the organisation generates knowledge and resources.

If you think someone in your library community might be able to make a contribution in this capacity, they can find more information here. All LEAP members will be remunerated for their time attending and preparing for meetings, as set out by the Australian Government Remuneration Tribunal Determination for holders of part-time public office.

Candidates should fill in this application form.

Applications close Friday, 10 December 2021

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